Closing Checklist

The following is a list of what a buyer/seller should bring to a closing:


  • Partners Title North Suburban requires all funds needed for closing in excess of $10,000 be wired at least 24 hours prior to closing, (if applicable) please call for wire instructions;
  • A certified check, made payable to Partners Title North Suburban, for the amount specified by your loan officer;
  • Personal checkbook, for any changes which may arise at the closing table;
  • VALID photo identification (passport, drivers’ license or state-issued identification card);
  • A list of residency for the past ten years;
  • If proof of sale of your present home is required by your new lender, please bring the signed Closing Disclosure and a copy of the Warranty Deed from your prior closing; and
  • You will want to contact all of your respective utility companies in advance, in order to have service set up for the date of your closing – e.g. Centerpoint Energy, Xcel Energy, Comcast, water/sewage/refuse etc.


  • VALID photo identification (passport, driver’s license, or state-issued identification card);
  • Keys and garage door opener (s);
  • If married, your spouse is required to attend the closing;
  • If more than one owner, all owners need to attend the closing;
  • A list of residency for the past ten years;
  • If major improvements have recently been made to your home, a SWORN CONSTRUCTION STATEMENT AND LIEN WAIVERs must be submitted as least 3 days prior to closing; and
  • Please contact all utility companies servicing your property to arrange for final readings and to close out the billing accounts.